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RGBto3D Space application made with processing


I wanted to play with Processing the other night. I thought about representing RGB pixels value of a video in a 3D space based on there RGB value, where RGB stand for XYZ.

Mobile Version on Vimeo

00:00 : using “Avatar” Trailer
01:07 : using webcam feed

How, why, cool ?

So really basic programming, but I thought it would looks cool. Actually, what was going to be a cool looking animation  turn out to become a cool visualisation tool !
I found out that by just showing those pixels in a 3d space based on there RGB values you could see several dimensions at once :

  • Red value : X axis
  • Green value : Y axis
  • Blue value : Z axis
  • Luma value : is the vector between the black color (0,0,0)  -> white color (255,255,255). It means that if the point cloud is closer to the white corner, brighter the picture is (… no kidding 🙂 )
  • Saturation value : it is the vector perpendicular to the luma vector. it means if the picture is saturated wider the point cloud would be, and of course more it is desaturated finer the point cloud will be. A black & white picture would only show particles on the luma value.
    This one was the less obvious to me (but I’m not really smart :p)


Saturate picture = wider point cloud
Saturate picture = wider point cloud
Desaturate = finer point cloud
Desaturate = finer point cloud
black&white = point cloud only show as a straight line on the luma vector
black&white = point cloud only show as a straight line on the luma vector
brighter = point cloud closer to the white corner
brighter = point cloud closer to the white corner
Darker = point cloud will be closer to the black corner
Darker = point cloud will be closer to the black corner

Source Files :

You will have to add a quicktime movie (.mov) in the “data” folder called “vid.mov”

Conclusion :

For sure all this sounds pretty obvious, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people doing this kind of stuff before, but I’m surprised I haven’t seen it in any “video editing” software before (or maybe I miss it).

I think it could be a really helpful tool to have a quick over look on your picture and just in a snap being able to tell if its too saturate, too red, or too blue, too bright or too dark…

Feel free to leave any comments about that or if you know something similar, just drop a line in the comments. By the way, this is my really first complete project with processing, so I probably did things the wrong way, you are welcome to correct me 🙂

HalloweenPic : Facebook App based on the Marilena (opencv port to flash) face detection into Flash


Juan Bermudez did a cool facebook app called HalloweenPic based on the small Flash application I did a while ago.

I’m really happy (and proud 🙂 ) that sharing the sources could help someone creating some cool stuff.

That said, just go and test it here : http://apps.facebook.com/halloweenpic

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Marilena : source code of the Glasses Demo

Somebody remind me that I forgot to share the project of my demo using the Marilena project (OpenCV port).

So here is the source code, nothing fancy, nothing complicated, just a real basic use, but I guess it will help some of you who are interested.

This code is compiled with free tools as Flex SDK, Flash Develop , the optimized version of Marilena by Mario Klingemann and the AS3 Tweenlite class. If you never setup this kind of IDE before I highly recommend this tutorial which will help you with all the settings !

I’m not a programmer so this code is way too simple and not optimized at all, so feel free to re-use it as you want 🙂

Related Link :

Demo of Adobe Flash Face Recognition using the openCV port to AS3

Click on the picture to try it
Click on the picture to try it

see also the previous posts here : http://www.francois-tarlier.com/blog/?tag=marilena

Source code here : http://www.francois-tarlier.com/blog/?p=408

nice review about Marilena on *drawlogic

*drawlogic » AS3 Version of OpenCV for Facial Detection, Web Cam Object Detection, Head Tracking, 3D Library Integration and more with Open Computer Vision Library for Flash – interactive and game development technologies for the web – flash, flex, unity3d, silverlight, javascript [ draw.logic ] » AS3 Version of OpenCV for Facial Detection, Web Cam Object Detection, Head Tracking, 3D Library Integration and more with Open Computer Vision Library for Flash » AS3 Version of OpenCV for Facial Detection, Web Cam Object Detection, Head Tracking, 3D Library Integration and more with Open Computer Vision Library for Flash.

Playing with Marilena

this is my first try with OpenCV port to Adobe Flash (Marilena). Meaning the entire face recognition has been done with Flash/ActionScript

For you who doesn’t know yet about Marliena, please have a look at my previous post “MariLena : OpenCV port to ActionScript 3 (AS3 / Flash)”

Source code here : http://www.francois-tarlier.com/blog/?p=408

Marilena : OpenCV for Flash on Vimeo.

Playing around with the port of OpenCV face recognition to ActionScript 3. In this test I did use Mario Klingemann’s optimized version of Marilena (code name of the port).

Would be great to have this kind of feature on Glasses seller website 🙂

next step try to get the Roll rotation 🙂

Mario Klingemann’s Marlena version could be download here : http://www.quasimondo.com/archives/000687.php#000687

see my post about Marilena : http://www.francois-tarlier.com/blog/?p=235

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Deface : AS3 Face Detection BASED on OpenCV

As my previous post about MariLena (openCV port to AS3), I made more research about it and found this project Deface, which is pretty much the same as MariLena, except that this is not a port of openCV, as the developer says “it’s written from scratch”. so far it’s using Haar cascade file as OpenCV.

I haven’t tried it that much, here is an example : LiveExample
It seems to be a bit slower that MariLena, but I wouldn’t be sure at all

MariLena : OpenCV port to ActionScript 3 (AS3 / Flash)

I dreamed about it, they finally did it ^^.

A crazy guy named Ohtsuka Masakazu have ported the face detection part of OpenCV to AS3 and added the source code named Marilena to the Spark Project a few weeks ago (can’t believe I haven’t notice before today)

Mario Klingemann from Quasimondo.com already made some optimization (see his blog)

I made some test today with a stupid texture, starting from Mario’s webcam example and that’s just fun !!! Well yes, it’s still slow (15 fps on a good computer), but this is just the beginning as I believe that a lot of optimization can still be done, and so what anyway ? It’s flash, it’s everywhere, nothing to install, the fun is there without downloading anything. I really believe in it ! Now with this and FLARToolKit (ARToolKit port to AS3), augmented reality and computer vision is really getting into Flash for sure, and it’s going to give to the community some great opportunity !! I’m looking forward about it

Please, have a test at Mario’s example here

and take also a look at what they did at Squidder.com

Realtime Face Detection in Flash from squidder on Vimeo.

For more info, check out http://www.squidder.com/2009/02/26/realtime-face-detection-in-flash/

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[My Work/Job] YouUp : Finally Out (kind of)

YouUp is a Ubisoft’s project, which I’ve been working on for the past 3 years. First as CG Artist / R&D with the real-time tracking technology and the internal 3d engine, also as Modeler/Mapping for the first assets we have made and finally as a TD Artist (designing features, tools, workflow, techniques, assets production pipeline, training graphic team, and so on).

It’s been a long way since then, this is the really beginning of this kind of technology, a lot more will come out of our work beside youup (so I hope).

For now you can download YouUp Windows Live Messenger version, which is a special version we brought with a Microsoft paternship. Download it here : http://www.ilovemessenger.fr/youup

You can also watch this interview (it’s in french, but you can only watch it, what they say is not that important, I appear in the end, that’s the important part 😀 )

You Up: la nouveauté révolutionnaire sur MSN – Nouvel Obs
Ubisoft propose de rendre MSN plus ludique en transformant son visage en temps réel pendant les t’chats. “YouUp” est téléchargeable gratuitement sur www.ilovemessenger.fr/YouUp.

[SpareTime Project] oneDay@Work

I’m finally done with it, kind of really busy lately :p, and I’m telling you, working with 7 hours of footage without your computer crashing every 3 steps and really challenging !

Anyway, that’s not what I thought I would do on this project, but so far I like it. So far, it looks useless, but I have learned a lot by making a lot of mistakes on this one.

1 Day @Work from Ti’bOu on Vimeo.