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Celtx – tool for writers & artists in pre-prod

Celtx is the world’s first all-in-one media pre-production software. It has everything you need to take your story from concept to production. Celtx replaces ‘paper, pen & binder’ pre-production with a digital approach that’s more complete, simpler to work with, and easier to share.

I can’t remember if I did talk about Celtx before. It’s one of the open source software I’m using and highly recommending !

I’m not a writer at all, but I found celtx really nice to organize a projet or at least write it done, and keep all the pre-prod research together (sketch, reference, music, notes, … ) it could even be usefull for the elaboration of a demoreel. It’s free, cross-platform and it could even make it easier to work at manys on the same project with the “collaboration” part.

FilmmakerIQ did a new post about all the Celtx tutorials you can find on the web : 55 Celtx Tutorials | FilmmakerIQ.com.

Download Celtx here : http://celtx.com/download.html

Fake Running Crowd on Vimeo

Fake Running Crowd from François Tarlier on Vimeo.

This class (which was teach by Gareth Edwards)was really amazing, I highly recommend it !! I didn’t learn so much about AfterFX but mostly about how to get the job done in a small amount of time, and this goes through “organization” !! Keeping your workflow as clean as possible, taking time to renaming everything (cuz god it could get really messy in AE),…

My result is far from being perfect, I can see so many things I could change (the way they are running, the dust, the lighting, the shadows, … ). but so far, I think it’s quite good and I have so much other things to do that I cannot work any more on this piece! I’ll probably make a small “making of” video later on, just to show all the passes (shadows, AO, Dust, lighting,..) were done in After Effects, only the 3D tracking was done with Syntheyes, but so far it was a super easy one !

What I learned with this project :

  • Many AE tricks : can’t tell all of them, but I definitely think I’m more efficient now with AE. I’ve done many mistake and encounter many problems that did teach me a lot 🙂
  • Organization : I won’t say it enough, it might sounds silly but when you look at all the job that Gareth has done on “Heroes and Villains: Attila the Hun” (VFX breakdown here) in such a small amount of time, you have to say he had a pretty good workflow. So far that’s the reason I took this class and I don’t regret it
  • Faking : That’s mostly what I like in compositing, is that you can fake so many thing which usually with a good amout of blur you won’t see the trick 😉 . But even with that, we usually go for the hard way (3d, particle system, IA, ..). As I said, the result is far to be perfect, but I guess you have to keep in mind that the quality of your work could depends of the target you have and of course the budget (cf the production triangle). In this case the target is TV Shows, so I guess it should be “Fast” and probably “Cheap”, which leave “Good” a bit behind. Of course it should be as good as possible and that’s why I think knowing how far you can go with faking is a really good thing, and so far that’s also something I did understand more in this class.

[vimeo] : Antarctica by Darek Sepiolo

I’ve just seen this video, it is so beautiful I had to share it. Go watch the HD version, full screen with sound ! that’s excellent !

Antarctica from Darek Sepiolo on Vimeo.

This is a short clip inspired by Hans Zimmer’s music from “The Thin Red Line”. My tribute to great composer and beauty of nature.

Antarctica was the last, 7th continent I visited and dove. Kind of a last stop on a journey called “Earth”. But in fact the journey never ends…

All shots were made with Sony EX1 camera.

[SpareTime Project] oneDay@Work

I’m finally done with it, kind of really busy lately :p, and I’m telling you, working with 7 hours of footage without your computer crashing every 3 steps and really challenging !

Anyway, that’s not what I thought I would do on this project, but so far I like it. So far, it looks useless, but I have learned a lot by making a lot of mistakes on this one.

1 Day @Work from Ti’bOu on Vimeo.