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CineFx : Jahshaka Reinvented

I’ve always been looking for a good OpenSource compositing software which would be as good as AfterFx (or at least an honest alternative). The only one that seems to exist was Jahshaka (beside the integrated one in Blender). I’ve always waited for them to bring it to the next level, cause so far it wasn’t a professional tool, but they had ambition to make it better. I just had a look a the source today, and the last updated was more than a year a go !!! So I guess that project was dead, I just google it to be sure, and I found this website http://www.cinefx.org/

I knew that some research came out of the Jahshaka project as Cineplay (video player – read any type of media file) and cinecode (opensource desktop video encoder), but I didn’t knew about CineFX !

At this point CineFx is only the old JahPlayer (which was able to read uncompress video in real-time), but as they said on this blog it seems that they want to make CineFx the way Jahshaka was supposed to be.

Let’s just hope this project won’t die once again !!! 🙂

Jplayer (video player – read all the format) become CinePlay

JahPlayer become CineFX

Jahshaka will become CineFX

OpenLibraries gets re-invented

FxPhd : Jan09 first 2 weeks bilan

fxphd Here we are, already the 3rd week! So now it’s done, for sure I’m taking the following 4 classes for this term:

  • MSV101 – Introduction to Massive
  • AFX301 – A Guerrilla Filmmakers Guide to After Effects
  • PFT202 – PFTrack in Production
  • FUS101 – Introduction to Fusion


This class is really nice, but in the other hand, massive looks like the most complicated software I ever “had to” learn. But it’s really interesting and I can’t wait to see what is going to come out of it… Continue reading FxPhd : Jan09 first 2 weeks bilan

Libmv : making blender a tracking/matchmove software

libmv is a structure from motion library, which plans to one day take raw video footage or photographs, and produce full camera calibration information and dense 3D models.

The first targeted application for libmv is to integrate with Blender to make the first open source matchmoving solution

Roadmap – libmv – Release plans and goals for libmv. – Google Code.

I really looking forward for this project, since it will bring blender to a next level of vfx tool and make it the free complete opensource matchmove application available on “the market” 🙂

Check out the following video of what they got so far : Continue reading Libmv : making blender a tracking/matchmove software

FXPHD : AfterFX 303

Ah Ah I forgot, I already took this class and it’s just amazing !

To be honest I wasn’t going to take any AfterFx classes at FXPHD since I think website like VideoCopilot.net are way enought to get into it. But I took a look at the first class which is rule by Gareth Edwards and I was so impressed by his workflow he had.

Ok, just to be clear, this guy made the VFX of a show for the BBC, called “Attila – The Hun“, He did it :

  • all by himself,
  • at home,
  • 256 shots,
  • in 5 months,
  • using afterFX and Premiere

by working like that, YOU got to have great tips, really fluent workflow, and great organisation. So that’s why I enrolled in his class as well

The trailer of "Atilla - the Hun":

FXPHD : Fusion’s course

So now I started my first class of Fusion, it looks really exciting from here ! Finally getting into compositing.

I cannot determine if I’ll take the Flame’s classes yet or not ?! Kind of hard to follow a class without the ability to play around with the software. Well I’ll see, otherwise I might take the Maya class, since I said “One day, yeahh, I’ll learn Maya” (it’s been 3 years at least :p)

Sad thing about having one course per week is that you have to wait one week before getting the next class !!! it’s like watching a TV Show, and comes the moment like you know it’s getting to the end, and the story is never gonna be finished in the next 3 minutes, so you start crying cause you already you’ll have to wait 7 long days ! Yeah well I got the same feeling for my fxphd’s classes :p 😀