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Twitter page

I created a twitter account today, to kind of keep update easier and it’s really used at fxphd.

The idea behind twitter is pretty much the same as the little text message you would have under your nickname on your messenger. except that twitter can be added everywhere ! to you IM, website, RSS Reader, phone, Facebook, …

The principle is simple. You choose the people you want to “follow” as they say. so you can be notified of their update. On your side, you can type a small txt message (140 characters I believe) that will update your friends on what you are doing, or anything you want. and then you will be able to share this text on your facebook, or Messenger, or blog …

Anyway if you are a “mood message” freak in your favorite IM, twitter is for you!!

In my case, if the wordpress plugin works fine, it will show the titles of this blog’s post 🙂 so you can  use it as a RSS Feed, at least that’s what I’m doing for the people I’m following. I also might use it as a “mood message” thing :p

My Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/francoisgfx