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Blender 2.5 Tour (via blenderlabrat) – UPDATED


You can now find 3 new videos on blenderlabrat’s blog about his Blender 2.5 Tour.

There as been a lot of changes since his first tour of 2.5 and I think it’s worth taking a look at this new tour now because the new version of Blender is getting closer and closer to its final look and I think that’s a good starting point for people to have a real and nice sneak peak of what it’s going to be.

The 1rst part covers (user interface) :

  • Context! what it is and how to understand it
  • UI manipulation, split, join, rip, swap areas
  • 3dview tools pane and repeat last operator
  • threading, constant responsive UI
  • new button types
  • misc stuff, like quickly themes colors and such


The 2nd part covers (animation) :

  • Basic Keyframing
  • Keying sets
  • F-curve basics
  • Modifiers
  • Drivers ( didn’t want to work but i showed the procedure)
  • Quat V Eulars
  • Non-Linear Animation Editor


The 3rd part covers (materials/shading) :

  • Tour of new buttons layout and how to use it
  • Multiple material
  • Textures
  • New bump mapping and colour managment
  • Volumetrics
  • Volumetric Textures


The 4th part covers (particles & simulations) :

  • where things are now
  • new cache system
  • effectors
  • Smoke
  • point density texture


The 5th part covers (Cache Editing) :

  • how does simulations are cached on Harddrive for realtime playback


Tracksperanto, your universal tracking translator

tracksperantoI just found out this great online tool for matchmover which let you convert your track file to any other track you want.

This tool is free and under MIT License, it also comes with an API or source code to implement better to your software take a look at it !
via Tracksperanto, your universal tracking translator.

Matchmoving often needs precise, hand-tailored 2D tracks. The promise of automatic 2D tracking is grand, but often fails expectations — mainly because auto-tracking algorithms cannot reliably link tracks of the same point which temporarily goes out of picture or gets obscured. Therefore, for many shots 2D tracking by hand is a better option (it also allows one to speed up the solve by using less tracks and avoid overloading the solver by judicially choosing tracked features). However, the final result of the solve depends of the solving program and it’s always beneficial to try the solve in all the matchmoving software available.

Therefore, we found it convenient to do 2D tracks once (currently in Shake) and then export the resulting 2D tracks to a few 3D solving apps at once. Once within these apps, it’s mostly a 15 minute job to configure the camera and see if the solve comes out well or not. This method tends to yield very good results since you track once and at least one of the many 3D solvers on the market will give a correct computation.

Tracksperanto assists in translating 2D tracks between many formats so that you can move your 2D tracks from one application into all of the others.

Blender Smoke commited to SVN

Video demo of Blender Smoke Simulation by nudelZ

Holy Smoke!, since revision 22053 Blender has Smoke simulation, thanks Daniel Genrich! from graphicall.org

Meaning every version you will get on Graphicall.org later than 22053 should have Smoke simulation enable. I’ll give it a try as soon as I can!

In the mean time, check out Daniel Genrich’s blog for all his examples and demos !

What is going to be Blender 2.5 ?

I mean seriously ? Have you check what’s going on lately ? That’s insane out there !! I think that what Blender 2.5 is going to bring is what we usually call the 2.0 version of something ! Ok so like Pablo Vazquez answered me in one of his comments, it’s more going to be like 3.0 ! what I mean is *.5 version is usually for some few changes, right, but this !! this is going to be huge !!! Such a next step, so many official and non-official are working hard at this point to make it even better, stronger, faster, and also more complete.

Beside all the up going dev blender projects we can see on the web those are the one I’m keeping an eyes on and which I think is really really going to bring Blender to the next level :

  1. Libmv is certainly not the most important one (even if I’m checking there website almost everyday) and their dev at this point is running a bit slow. But this project is going to bring a 3d tracking / matchmove / dense reconstruction to blender and so as an opensource tools. I guess this will be really needed for the next Open Movie (not for Durian, but Mango ? ). As a Matchmover, I’m really looking forward on this one.
  2. New GUI is going to be more and more flexible to check out how it’s going to look like, check out Michael Fox‘s Blender 2.5 Video Tour and also the following video by Pablo Vasquez
  3. Blender GSoC 2009 this google summer of code is going to give some huge (and what I think really important) optimization to Blender. For instance the “Integration of OpenGL VBOs and vertex arrays for faster 3D Viewport rendering” which I believe will allow to bring the sculpt tool to a next level.
    Also the “Raytrace Optimization” which you can already find some nice results here.
  4. Jahka Particle (Boids Particle system v2.0). At the time I’m writting this, Janne Karhu re-write a new cache system for the particles, which allow realtime updating while changing setting, that’s just great. He’s also talking about making the particle system Nodal ?! with more rules and much faster. Just Great !!!
  5. Smoke Project by Daniel Genrich. His goal somehow is to integrate a smoke simulation with a fast viewport preview (kind of FumeFx or Houdini FX). This is another crazy project, and I love it.
  6. Volumetric Renderer by farsthary. Actually, I find all his work amazing. He’s already done with the volumetric Renderer (only waiting to be implement in the official build, but he’s also working on several projects as Final Gathering and so many other stuff !
  7. BMesh integration to be honest, this is not the most exciting one to me. Many people wants it only to get they Ngons feature into Blender (which FYI Ngons are really bad, bad, bad), oh well. I also understood that this new re-writting of the mesh system inside blender was necessary for other project to work more effeciently (which makes this project way more interesting !!

Of course, Not all those projects will be implemented into Blender 2.5 (probably not event 3.0) but maybe a few, and I found this really really exciting. I believe that in september will see some new stuff coming on (I hope ^^)