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RollingShutter Plugin by the Foundry for After FX and Nuke Released !!!

I talked about the Foundry working on solving the rolling shutter issue on a previous post. It seams they were waiting the Siggraph to announce it. At the time I though it was only for Nuke, but the great news is they also port their plugin to After Effect CS3 and CS4.

It seems they fixed the horizontal panning issue, but still not the vertical one, which at this point looks impossible but I’m actually waiting for another paper on stabilization which should show up at siggraph too. Anyway it’s going to help a lot for matchmove !!!

Official RollingShutter by Foundry plugin page

“The Foundry” fixing the Rolling Shutter issue in some cases

We have already seen some Siggraph papers about fixing this issue in some cases (cf. horizontal distortion), but now we can see that The Foundry is working on it !!!

The Foundry is a great company known for their Nuke compositing software and also very known for their awesome “Keylight” plug-in as many others !

Check Out their blog and follow their research about all this stuff

Original Plate :

Fixed plate :

MatchMove with Syntheyes a Nikon D90’s plate

Those days I’m working on Reels, at least one for the moment, a matchmove one. So far I’m putting together some pieces I did at my Fxphd’s classes, and also some of my shoot.

This one I did with my Nikon D90 which is none for a rolling shutter issue (jelly video look) when shooting video.

so those were the challenge for this plate :

  • shoot from the back of a car on small road
  • hand held
  • 24fps
  • 1280×720
  • 33mm

To be honest, the hardest part were dealing with the Rolling Shutter, this one is a real b**** ! it doesn’t show to much on the video, but when you look closer the image keep getting distort all the time which give a high error to the tracking data. Plus on top of that you have fast movements which give the “debug tracker” part a real nightmare. It’s not perfect, but I do think it’s looking very well.

you can watch the result in HD on the vimeo website

[MatchMove] : small road with Nikon D90 from Fran├žois Tarlier on Vimeo.

Part of the shot I did track for my reel.
The particularity of this one, is the hand held kind of shot with the “Rolling shutter” issue of the D90.
It looks easy with all the features but it was a really informative one to track. I learned a lot with this shot, like do not try to get it perfect! at some point, I got a lower error (right now it’s 0.8hpix) about 0.4, but it wasn’t looking as good as this one. I guess it good be much better at some point but so far I think it works pretty well right now.
It has been track with Syntheyes, Blender for the 3d grid, and After FX for the compo/roto