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Blender Game Engine : Advanced GLSL 2D Filters

Just an update of the previous post “Blender Game Engine : Rendering with GLSL”, Martinesh just uploaded the .blend files if you want to make a try. All you need is a version of blender, a video card that support OpenGL 2.0 for the GLSL 🙂

GLSL Montain Demo:

WASD – move camera
Left/Right arrows – move sun
1 – SSAO only
2 – SSAO + scene
3 – Light scattering
4 – DoF (mousewheel – change focus)
5 – Chromatic abberration
6 – Cross shaped bloom


GLSL Bathroom Demo:

btw, if you haven’t seen his Bathroom demo already, please have look and try it 🙂

Blender Game Engine: Bathroom demo from martini on Vimeo.

A graphics/physics demo showing some of Blender Game engine features available in Blender 2.48.
Created in 3 days.

Blender Game Engine : Rendering with GLSL

I just found this post on blenderartists.org from Martins Upitis where he is showing his work with BGE (Blender Game Engine) and GLSL 2D filters. See by yourself, I think it’s looking great ! At this point, I thing he did use 4 well known filter which are SSAO (Screen Space Ambiant Occlusion), SunRays (mostly known as GodRays I think), chromatic aberration(RGB Distortion), DoF (Depth of Field) !! The four combined gives a really nice result, but so far a bit slow as I believe (30 fps with a really good computer). He probably could make some optimization, but it looks really interesting. I’m really getting into this GLSL thing, which is a bit hard for me and my small tiny brain, but I’ll sure take a look at it when I’ll have more time 🙂

Blender Tutorials (really good one)

I think that what gave less credibility to blender at a certain period was the accessibility to it. Not the price since it’s free, but let’s be honest here, it is not the simplest one to get along with out there. The documentation and “good” tutorial about it, wasn’t it’s best point.

Things are changing, and this is getting a real “professional” perspective and here are the links I’m going for :

CG Cookie : Blender


Blender 3D: Product Rendering on blip.tv

Creature Factory & ManCandy on blip.tv

Product Animation on blip.tv

Yo Frankie Source File

Big Buck Bunny Source File

so many others are there…

CineFx : Jahshaka Reinvented

I’ve always been looking for a good OpenSource compositing software which would be as good as AfterFx (or at least an honest alternative). The only one that seems to exist was Jahshaka (beside the integrated one in Blender). I’ve always waited for them to bring it to the next level, cause so far it wasn’t a professional tool, but they had ambition to make it better. I just had a look a the source today, and the last updated was more than a year a go !!! So I guess that project was dead, I just google it to be sure, and I found this website http://www.cinefx.org/

I knew that some research came out of the Jahshaka project as Cineplay (video player – read any type of media file) and cinecode (opensource desktop video encoder), but I didn’t knew about CineFX !

At this point CineFx is only the old JahPlayer (which was able to read uncompress video in real-time), but as they said on this blog it seems that they want to make CineFx the way Jahshaka was supposed to be.

Let’s just hope this project won’t die once again !!! 🙂

Jplayer (video player – read all the format) become CinePlay

JahPlayer become CineFX

Jahshaka will become CineFX

OpenLibraries gets re-invented