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5 things Blender should do to be succesful in the industry (via 3dsoul)

Well done article on how to improve Blender to make it fit the industry.

I would add another point to this post is an external SDK/API to make communication easier between application or being able to develop plug-in for it more easly (Blender team if you read this .. cheers 🙂 )

For the OpenEXR / Nuke point … please please do something about it !


Maya to Blender tutorials

I just found those 2 videos on vimeo (hopefully there will be some more soon) talking and helping Autodesk Maya Artist willing to use Blender.
I like the idea behind this kind of videos, and since Blender 2.5 will be more customizable with multi-windows, Hot-keys, … it will make it easier to switch from one software to another.

Those videos, especially the first one is for Blender beginners

Blender tutorial for Maya users

Blender tutorial for Maya users from Shananra on Vimeo.

Blender tutorial for Maya Animators

Blender tutorial for Maya Animators from Shananra on Vimeo.