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Matchmove: Calibre de Cartier by Rob Chiu

Calibre de Cartier is the last commercial I worked on as a Matchmover. it was directed by Rob Chiu. Unfortunately I’m not allow to show the breakdown tracking shot. But at least I can share the final video 🙂

Tracksperanto, your universal tracking translator

tracksperantoI just found out this great online tool for matchmover which let you convert your track file to any other track you want.

This tool is free and under MIT License, it also comes with an API or source code to implement better to your software take a look at it !
via Tracksperanto, your universal tracking translator.

Matchmoving often needs precise, hand-tailored 2D tracks. The promise of automatic 2D tracking is grand, but often fails expectations — mainly because auto-tracking algorithms cannot reliably link tracks of the same point which temporarily goes out of picture or gets obscured. Therefore, for many shots 2D tracking by hand is a better option (it also allows one to speed up the solve by using less tracks and avoid overloading the solver by judicially choosing tracked features). However, the final result of the solve depends of the solving program and it’s always beneficial to try the solve in all the matchmoving software available.

Therefore, we found it convenient to do 2D tracks once (currently in Shake) and then export the resulting 2D tracks to a few 3D solving apps at once. Once within these apps, it’s mostly a 15 minute job to configure the camera and see if the solve comes out well or not. This method tends to yield very good results since you track once and at least one of the many 3D solvers on the market will give a correct computation.

Tracksperanto assists in translating 2D tracks between many formats so that you can move your 2D tracks from one application into all of the others.