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Plugins & Scripts for After Effects at AEScripts.com

It has been for a while now, but I haven’t made an official announcement about it until now. So in case you haven’t notice yet, most of my Pixel Bender filter for After Effects are available on Lloyd Alvarez’s website which is called AEScripts.com. (But There are still all open source and you can name your own price πŸ˜‰ )

AEScript is a great place to find many different kind of scripts or filters which can make your life easier on a every day basis. I would encourage you to go through all the scripts & filters list to see what exists. Because you might not need all them right now, but most of it have been made to solve problem people encounter with AE, so being aware that a script exists somewhere in case one day you have an issue with After Effect is a great knowledge for a user πŸ™‚

As for today several filters and one script which I made are available there, but again check all the other ones as well, there are all incredible!

  • ft-Toolbar : create your own tool bar to apply Effects, presets, scripts, … in ONE click !
  • ft-CombineRGBA : let you swap channels or combine them from two different sources in 32bpc
  • ft-Cubic Lens Distortion : (un)distort your footage with a lot of accuracy using Syntheyes algorithm. Add or erase Chromatic Aberration as well
  • ft-Brightness Check : show you if pixels are too bright or dark in your comp, great to check if it “Broadcast-safe”
  • ft-Technicolor : mimic a 2-strip & 3-strip technicolor process
  • ft-Filmic Contrast : a one click contrast filmic looking using Perlin Gain.
  • ft-UVPass : re-texture directly in After Effect
  • ft-Clamp : clamp pixels value between defines one. Perfect to solve blending mode issue with 32bpc comp
  • ft-PPass2Matte : use a Point Pass to create 3d masks
  • ft-Auto White Balance : color balance in one click footages which had a bad white balance at the shooting time
  • ft-Vignetting : add a vignette effect to your comp

Please if you use them, let me know or post comment, show us what you did with it πŸ™‚

UPDATE – Cubic Lens Distortion Pixel Bender shader for AE (with scale & chromatic aberration

cubic lens distortion & chromatic aberration

If you haven’t seen my previous post yet, here is the Syntheyes’ Cubic Lens Distortion algorithm ported to Pixel Bender.

New Features

  1. Scale factor : works exactly as Syntheyes Scale Lens Workflow (v2)
  2. Chromatic Aberration : based on Martins Upitis‘s GLSL posted here (v2)
  3. Blue/Yellow Chromatic Aberration based on Dorian modification (V3)


  1. Download ft-CubicDistortion.pbk here : http://aescripts.com/ft-cubic-lens-distortion/
  2. Place it in your β€œSupport Files” folder (which is in your AE install folder)
  3. Launch AE
  4. Look for the effect called Cubic Distortion

Source Code

just download the file at http://aescripts.com/ft-cubic-lens-distortion and open it with your notepad application


still if you wish ^^

GLSL Cubic Lens Distortion with chromatic aberration in Blender Game Engine


I received a mail the other day from Martins Upitis, who asked me really nicely if he could use my Cubic Lens Distortion Shader code into one of his GLSL shader. He was asking me if he could copy & tweak it a little bit. That was really funny to me since Martins is probably the guy who made me wants to learn shader in the first place after seeing one of his first shader he posted on blenderArtist, and also because he didn’t figure I was the same person asking him thousand of noobs questions on that same forum :p .
Of course I was so proud that I said yes, and he made it look so coooolll !!!


Anyway I encourage you to go check out his post on BlenderArstists.org here : http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=175155&highlight=lens+distortion

His shader create vignetting, chromatic aberration, cubic distortion, depth of field, and a really smart animation texture based on 1bit alpha store in each RGBA channels (which gives a lot of frames – so smart)… it looks really great !

Blender File : http://www.pasteall.org/blend/1425 or mirror on this blog

buttons 1 and 2 enables post-process effects (vignetting, noise, edge-blur, and a new and awesome lens distortion filter, made by Francois Tarlier, and slightly modified by me).

Up/Down – shrink/grow the snowflake
mouse wheel up/down – chromatic dispersion amount

7/4 – lens distortion coefficient
8/5 – cubic distortion amount
9/6 – image scaling amount

Blender Game Engine : Advanced GLSL 2D Filters

Just an update of the previous post “Blender Game Engine : Rendering with GLSL”, Martinesh just uploaded the .blend files if you want to make a try. All you need is a version of blender, a video card that support OpenGL 2.0 for the GLSL πŸ™‚

GLSL Montain Demo:

WASD – move camera
Left/Right arrows – move sun
1 – SSAO only
2 – SSAO + scene
3 – Light scattering
4 – DoF (mousewheel – change focus)
5 – Chromatic abberration
6 – Cross shaped bloom


GLSL Bathroom Demo:

btw, if you haven’t seen his Bathroom demo already, please have look and try it πŸ™‚

Blender Game Engine: Bathroom demo from martini on Vimeo.

A graphics/physics demo showing some of Blender Game engine features available in Blender 2.48.
Created in 3 days.

Blender Game Engine : Rendering with GLSL

I just found this post on blenderartists.org from Martins Upitis where he is showing his work with BGE (Blender Game Engine) and GLSL 2D filters. See by yourself, I think it’s looking great ! At this point, I thing he did use 4 well known filter which are SSAO (Screen Space Ambiant Occlusion), SunRays (mostly known as GodRays I think), chromatic aberration(RGB Distortion), DoF (Depth of Field) !! The four combined gives a really nice result, but so far a bit slow as I believe (30 fps with a really good computer). He probably could make some optimization, but it looks really interesting. I’m really getting into this GLSL thing, which is a bit hard for me and my small tiny brain, but I’ll sure take a look at it when I’ll have more time πŸ™‚