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[ Flickr ] My FISE 2009’s photoset

Last week-end was the FISE at Montpellier, so it was a good reason to go and shoot some photos and videos. I guess this could be a “Spare Time Project” as well. I did learn a lot by shooting sport photos ! It is way harder than what I thought. I did use some old optics on my D90 so, aperture, shutter, and so on totally manual, but it’s a really nice way to learn.

Basically this is what I learned :

  • Think fast
  • Set your camera when nothing happen
  • keep your two eyes open (one in the camera, the other one on the field)
  • understand what the riders are going/want to do
  • always stay aware of what happen
  • look every where
  • know your gears !

all those things are quite common, and actually that what I mostly do every time I take a picture, but with, what I would call, high speed shooting those things are way more intense !!

FISE 2009 – a set on Flickr.

[Photo] Sunny Day in Montpellier


Sunny Day, originally uploaded by Ti’bou.

I took this picture today with my HTC cellphone so I would send it to some friends that lives in the cold. I was really amazed by the quality of the camera and the color of the picture. So I did a bit of Photoshop on it and kept it on Flickr. That’s not the best picture of all time for sure, but I like it for several reason.
by the way, this picture was taken in Montpellier in March, Oh yeah !!!