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VFX Pipeline & workflow

Here are some great reads about different pipeline & workflow :

Kiril Ivanov animation in After Effects using ft-Toolbar

Kiril Ivanov is doing a crazy job with After Effects ! He did create some really nice animated character using some really nice rig and stuff.
And he decide to use ft-Toolbar in his workflow to be able to animate and set his rig faster. And he also had the idea of multi-toolbar which now is fully supported in version 1.27. Checkout his video :

Plugins & Scripts for After Effects at AEScripts.com

It has been for a while now, but I haven’t made an official announcement about it until now. So in case you haven’t notice yet, most of my Pixel Bender filter for After Effects are available on Lloyd Alvarez’s website which is called AEScripts.com. (But There are still all open source and you can name your own price 😉 )

AEScript is a great place to find many different kind of scripts or filters which can make your life easier on a every day basis. I would encourage you to go through all the scripts & filters list to see what exists. Because you might not need all them right now, but most of it have been made to solve problem people encounter with AE, so being aware that a script exists somewhere in case one day you have an issue with After Effect is a great knowledge for a user 🙂

As for today several filters and one script which I made are available there, but again check all the other ones as well, there are all incredible!

  • ft-Toolbar : create your own tool bar to apply Effects, presets, scripts, … in ONE click !
  • ft-CombineRGBA : let you swap channels or combine them from two different sources in 32bpc
  • ft-Cubic Lens Distortion : (un)distort your footage with a lot of accuracy using Syntheyes algorithm. Add or erase Chromatic Aberration as well
  • ft-Brightness Check : show you if pixels are too bright or dark in your comp, great to check if it “Broadcast-safe”
  • ft-Technicolor : mimic a 2-strip & 3-strip technicolor process
  • ft-Filmic Contrast : a one click contrast filmic looking using Perlin Gain.
  • ft-UVPass : re-texture directly in After Effect
  • ft-Clamp : clamp pixels value between defines one. Perfect to solve blending mode issue with 32bpc comp
  • ft-PPass2Matte : use a Point Pass to create 3d masks
  • ft-Auto White Balance : color balance in one click footages which had a bad white balance at the shooting time
  • ft-Vignetting : add a vignette effect to your comp

Please if you use them, let me know or post comment, show us what you did with it 🙂

Script : ft-Toolbar for After Effects CS3 CS4 & CS5


This script gives the ability to make your own custom toolbar with Effects, presets or any commands you use the most often.This script gives the ability to make your own custom toolbar with Effects, presets or any commands you use the most often.

Toolbar’s features :

* Edit UI : add, delete, order, config buttons of your toolbar.

* 5 kind of buttons:

  • EFFECT : set the name of the effect you want to use (See usage details below).
  • ANIMATION PRESET : select an animation preset file (ffx) to apply.
  • SCRIPT LAUNCHER : select an script file (.jsx or .jsxbin) to launch.
  • MENU : set the exact name of any menu item you want to call. For example : Time-Reverse Keyframes.
  • JAVASCRIPT : type any javascript that AE understands. More advanced, but you can do some crazy macro command with it.
  • OS : Any Operating System command you can run into your terminal can be set here. For example calc (on Windows) or open -a Calculator (on Mac) would start the calculator.

* Buttons Icon : You can assign a custom image icon to each button. You can create your own icons or download a free icon pack below. All icons will be downloaded and saved into the config file. When you export the config file (xml) for use on another machine all the icons will be included so no need to keep the .png files.  The buttons size can be set to any size you like, but it is a good idea for it to match the size of your icons.

Import/Export : you can import and export the config file to set the same configuration on several computer or for making backups

* Configuration file path (xml) : you can set the path of the saved config file (xml) anywhere you want. (ie. to a dropbox folder to keep all your computer sync with the same config). The config file will include encoded versions of any custom icons.


Script : ft-Toolbar for CS3, CS4 & CS5

Experimental Animation based on sound with After Effects via AETuts+ (Audio Reactant Time Remapping)

My tutorial for AETuts+ is finally out !!
It covers Time Remapping, Waveform to keyframe conversion, expression, … I got really inspired by watching all those reels from motion designer or filmmaker with music most of the time from Hecq. I was wondering how they did their editing and cuts, so I came up with this idea. I don’t know if it’s the way they did it, but this is my approach.

Hope you like it !!!

Link : Audio Reactant Time Remapping Tutorial at AETuts+

Blender Open Movie : Durian

Finally the new Open Movie Project as been announce !!! Named Durian, it seems that it is going to be Heroic/Fantasy style, maybe Anime look like. Not what I prefer, but I do think that this ambitious project will, no matter what, give a huge step to blender, and will bring it to the next level. I’m really interesting about this project and I wish to be part of it, so I think I’ll apply, at least give it a try !


Durian’s Official Website

Careers for Creatives | MuseCareers

I was just watching a “Background Fundamentals” Fxphd course, which was talking about salary of creative jobs in the world. And a woman called Teresa Hall from “Muse Careers” was interviewed to answer some of the commons questions we are all asking ourselves.

Anyway I thought I would share with you the link to there website which look really interesting.

Careers for Creatives | MuseCareers.

At MUSE CAREERS, we promote Creative Artists to global organisations within the creative, entertainment, media and design industries.

The Muse Careers Online Database is a visual aid to the recruitment process. Our unique service gives global clients instant access to Creative’s Showreels. Our Online Database has been specifically designed to ensure speedy turnaround of the selection process, from start to finish.

It’s Not How Good You Are , It’s How Good You Want To Be

I just read this book which talk about … well I guess the title is obvious enough !

It’s really nice book to read, short, simple, but give you so much cool advice about, how to be creative, how to take risk and initiative, how to be confident, mostly how to work you’re way through your career and getting the best out of it no matter what.

I really recommend this one, I’m not quite a reader, but I got this one done in a couple hours !!!

Amazon Link

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