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Blender 2.5 Lighting and Rendering

Blender 2.5 book by Reynante Martinez. Talking about Lighting, Rendering and compositing with a few Color grading tips.

“In this article by Reynante Martinez we’ll tackle a topic that is commonly misunderstood and often overlooked inside of Blender. But before we begin, I’d like to make a few remarks. First, I do not claim to be a professional color grading artist nor do I imply the following explanations as “rules” to be strictly followed. What I will try to share with you in this article are my thoughts and experiences on Color Grading using Blender.

Bring your 3D world to life with lighting, compositing, and rendering

  • Render spectacular scenes with realistic lighting in any 3D application using interior and exterior lighting techniques
  • Give an amazing look to 3D scenes by applying light rigs and shadow effects
  • Apply color effects to your scene by changing the World and Lamp color values
  • A step-by-step guide with practical examples that help add dimensionality to your scene”

You can get it on Amazon here : Blender 2.5 Lighting and Rendering

After Effects CS5 Studio Techniques mention “ft-Cubic Lens Distortion”

Mark Christiansen’s new After Effects CS5 Studio Techniques is out. Without doubt one of the best book for vfx with AE.
I’m very proud since some of the scripts and authors from AEScripts.com are mentioned including my “ft-Cubic Lens Distortion” plugin !

You can get this book on Amazon right now !