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RGBto3D Space application made with processing


I wanted to play with Processing the other night. I thought about representing RGB pixels value of a video in a 3D space based on there RGB value, where RGB stand for XYZ.

Mobile Version on Vimeo

00:00 : using “Avatar” Trailer
01:07 : using webcam feed

How, why, cool ?

So really basic programming, but I thought it would looks cool. Actually, what was going to be a cool looking animation  turn out to become a cool visualisation tool !
I found out that by just showing those pixels in a 3d space based on there RGB values you could see several dimensions at once :

  • Red value : X axis
  • Green value : Y axis
  • Blue value : Z axis
  • Luma value : is the vector between the black color (0,0,0)  -> white color (255,255,255). It means that if the point cloud is closer to the white corner, brighter the picture is (… no kidding 🙂 )
  • Saturation value : it is the vector perpendicular to the luma vector. it means if the picture is saturated wider the point cloud would be, and of course more it is desaturated finer the point cloud will be. A black & white picture would only show particles on the luma value.
    This one was the less obvious to me (but I’m not really smart :p)


Saturate picture = wider point cloud
Saturate picture = wider point cloud
Desaturate = finer point cloud
Desaturate = finer point cloud
black&white = point cloud only show as a straight line on the luma vector
black&white = point cloud only show as a straight line on the luma vector
brighter = point cloud closer to the white corner
brighter = point cloud closer to the white corner
Darker = point cloud will be closer to the black corner
Darker = point cloud will be closer to the black corner

Source Files :

You will have to add a quicktime movie (.mov) in the “data” folder called “vid.mov”

Conclusion :

For sure all this sounds pretty obvious, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people doing this kind of stuff before, but I’m surprised I haven’t seen it in any “video editing” software before (or maybe I miss it).

I think it could be a really helpful tool to have a quick over look on your picture and just in a snap being able to tell if its too saturate, too red, or too blue, too bright or too dark…

Feel free to leave any comments about that or if you know something similar, just drop a line in the comments. By the way, this is my really first complete project with processing, so I probably did things the wrong way, you are welcome to correct me 🙂

Ten Stereoscopic tips from Pixar (via FXPHD)

As I said in a previous post about the 15 minutes of Avatar, what I think the best 3D movie out today is Disney/Pixar’s Up. In my opinion They got the most of it, and Mike Seymour (vfx supervisor and teacher at FXPHD) seems to have the same point of view.

So Mike talked to the Pixar team(cf FxguideTV episode 65), and he create a list of 10 tips for creating Stereo Movie.
You can find this list here on the Fxph Dean’s blog

Review: Avatar 15 minutes sneak peak


I got the chance to have in my city one of the theater showing a sneak peak of Avatar by James Cameron (director of Titanic). First I must say, I really like the universe of Avatar, and I think it is really beautiful !

The show happens to be in Stereo 3d with polarized glasses. I’ve pretty much seen all the movies that came out since this new wave of 3d movies, and in my opinion the one which work the best was “Up” by Disney. After watching this Avatar 3d Sneak Peak, I’m a bit disappointed and would stick to my thought with “Up”.
Don’t give me wrong, James Cameron and his team did a great work on the stereo part, and some shots are really stunning, but in another hand I would say that most of the actions scenes I’ve seen so far are kind of messy and blurry :(.
What I liked in Disney “Up” was that the 3d was there only to give more depth to the picture, you could almost forget you had glasses on, or even that you are watching a 3d stereoscopic movie in a way that it was discreet and so comfortable for your eyes. They did master it without a doubt !
avatar-posterSome Avatar’s scenes are like that though, but on those 15 minutes, when it was about big action sequences, it looks like “hey check out the big 3D effect !!! wooowww you got a tree in your face !!”…. Come On !!! We got it now !

So to resume my thoughts, I don’t think Avatar will master the 3D Stereo quality of Disney’s Up, but still, it’s going to be beautiful and I can’t wait until December 18th for the movie to come out.

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James Cameron’s Avatar trailer
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