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Kiril Ivanov animation in After Effects using ft-Toolbar

Kiril Ivanov is doing a crazy job with After Effects ! He did create some really nice animated character using some really nice rig and stuff.
And he decide to use ft-Toolbar in his workflow to be able to animate and set his rig faster. And he also had the idea of multi-toolbar which now is fully supported in version 1.27. Checkout his video :

Pixel Bender : ft-Ppass2Matte for After Effects


I believe this filter is the only one handling Position pass in After Effect. By rendering an Object P Pass, you will be able to create 3D mask which stick on your objects.

This techniques comes from several Nuke scripts. Look at the following videos :

Download & Sources

How to install it ?

Just copy the .pbk file into your “Support Files” folder in your AE install directory


After Effects CS5 Studio Techniques mention “ft-Cubic Lens Distortion”

Mark Christiansen’s new After Effects CS5 Studio Techniques is out. Without doubt one of the best book for vfx with AE.
I’m very proud since some of the scripts and authors from AEScripts.com are mentioned including my “ft-Cubic Lens Distortion” plugin !

You can get this book on Amazon right now !

Experimental Animation based on sound with After Effects via AETuts+ (Audio Reactant Time Remapping)

My tutorial for AETuts+ is finally out !!
It covers Time Remapping, Waveform to keyframe conversion, expression, … I got really inspired by watching all those reels from motion designer or filmmaker with music most of the time from Hecq. I was wondering how they did their editing and cuts, so I came up with this idea. I don’t know if it’s the way they did it, but this is my approach.

Hope you like it !!!

Link : Audio Reactant Time Remapping Tutorial at AETuts+

Blender 2.5 Tour (via blenderlabrat) – UPDATED


You can now find 3 new videos on blenderlabrat’s blog about his Blender 2.5 Tour.

There as been a lot of changes since his first tour of 2.5 and I think it’s worth taking a look at this new tour now because the new version of Blender is getting closer and closer to its final look and I think that’s a good starting point for people to have a real and nice sneak peak of what it’s going to be.

The 1rst part covers (user interface) :

  • Context! what it is and how to understand it
  • UI manipulation, split, join, rip, swap areas
  • 3dview tools pane and repeat last operator
  • threading, constant responsive UI
  • new button types
  • misc stuff, like quickly themes colors and such


The 2nd part covers (animation) :

  • Basic Keyframing
  • Keying sets
  • F-curve basics
  • Modifiers
  • Drivers ( didn’t want to work but i showed the procedure)
  • Quat V Eulars
  • Non-Linear Animation Editor


The 3rd part covers (materials/shading) :

  • Tour of new buttons layout and how to use it
  • Multiple material
  • Textures
  • New bump mapping and colour managment
  • Volumetrics
  • Volumetric Textures


The 4th part covers (particles & simulations) :

  • where things are now
  • new cache system
  • effectors
  • Smoke
  • point density texture


The 5th part covers (Cache Editing) :

  • how does simulations are cached on Harddrive for realtime playback


Blender 2.5 expected in October 2009 ?


The first release of the 2.5x series is expected to be available in october 2009

This is what you can see at the bottom of the Blender Siggraph 2009 Flyer which you can download on Blender.org here : http://download.blender.org/institute/25_flyer5.pdf

So now we get official annoucement for the following features :

  • Still free (no kidding :p)
  • New Animation system
  • New interface
  • Macros, History and Search feature
  • New Python Scripting API
  • Custom Key Binding (let you make your own shortcut … swweeeeeeeetttt)

The entire Blender Siggraph Press Kit can be found here