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FxPhd : Jan09 first 2 weeks bilan

fxphd Here we are, already the 3rd week! So now it’s done, for sure I’m taking the following 4 classes for this term:

  • MSV101 – Introduction to Massive
  • AFX301 – A Guerrilla Filmmakers Guide to After Effects
  • PFT202 – PFTrack in Production
  • FUS101 – Introduction to Fusion


This class is really nice, but in the other hand, massive looks like the most complicated software I ever “had to” learn. But it’s really interesting and I can’t wait to see what is going to come out of it… Continue reading FxPhd : Jan09 first 2 weeks bilan

FXPHD : AfterFX 303

Ah Ah I forgot, I already took this class and it’s just amazing !

To be honest I wasn’t going to take any AfterFx classes at FXPHD since I think website like VideoCopilot.net are way enought to get into it. But I took a look at the first class which is rule by Gareth Edwards and I was so impressed by his workflow he had.

Ok, just to be clear, this guy made the VFX of a show for the BBC, called “Attila – The Hun“, He did it :

  • all by himself,
  • at home,
  • 256 shots,
  • in 5 months,
  • using afterFX and Premiere

by working like that, YOU got to have great tips, really fluent workflow, and great organisation. So that’s why I enrolled in his class as well

The trailer of "Atilla - the Hun":