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ft-Toolbar Tutorial

From AETuts+ :

“In this Quick Tip we will learn how you can create your own toolbar and customize it to your own liking… you can download the script from aescripts and the footage from here.”


You can watch the tutorial here : http://ae.tutsplus.com/tutorials/workflow/enhanced-your-workflow-ft-toolbar-a-customizable-toolbar-script/




Experimental Animation based on sound with After Effects via AETuts+ (Audio Reactant Time Remapping)

My tutorial for AETuts+ is finally out !!
It covers Time Remapping, Waveform to keyframe conversion, expression, … I got really inspired by watching all those reels from motion designer or filmmaker with music most of the time from Hecq. I was wondering how they did their editing and cuts, so I came up with this idea. I don’t know if it’s the way they did it, but this is my approach.

Hope you like it !!!

Link : Audio Reactant Time Remapping Tutorial at AETuts+