Script : ft-Effect Instance for After Effects


Create an instance of an effect with one click™. Behind the scenes the script makes a copy of the effect and links it with expressions in a way that allows the instance to be anywhere including a different comp.


Script : ft-Effect Instance

3 thoughts on “Script : ft-Effect Instance for After Effects”

  1. All works fine, but if you will duplicate composition where you have used this script, it will not work in that duplicated comp, because its writing "comp("-=BASE c1").layer("blue").effect("Fill")("ADBE Fill-0002")" can you provide version where it will be "thisComp.layer("blue").effect("Fill")("ADBE Fill-0002")"

    Pawel T.

    1. you can upgrade to version 1.5 which add this feature now.

      There is 3 different mode :
      – ABSOLUTE : which will use the expression comp(nameOfComp).
      – RELATIVE : which will use the expression thisComp.
      – AUTO : which will choose best of the two above mode. basically it will detect if you paste instance in the same composition as the copied effect. In that case it will use RELATIVE mode, otherwise it will use ABSOLUTE mode.

      NB : if you try to do a RELATIVE mode and you are outside of the original comp the expression will be wrong and crash.



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