Libmv : making blender a tracking/matchmove software

libmv is a structure from motion library, which plans to one day take raw video footage or photographs, and produce full camera calibration information and dense 3D models.

The first targeted application for libmv is to integrate with Blender to make the first open source matchmoving solution

Roadmap – libmv – Release plans and goals for libmv. – Google Code.

I really looking forward for this project, since it will bring blender to a next level of vfx tool and make it the free complete opensource matchmove application available on “the market” 🙂

Check out the following video of what they got so far :

Matchmoving with libmv: input video

Matchmoving with libmv: 2D tracking with UKLT

Matchmoving with libmv: Now with Suzanne!

as from today, it seems that they are still looking for developers