Marilena : source code of the Glasses Demo

Somebody remind me that I forgot to share the project of my demo using the Marilena project (OpenCV port).

So here is the source code, nothing fancy, nothing complicated, just a real basic use, but I guess it will help some of you who are interested.

This code is compiled with free tools as Flex SDK, Flash Develop , the optimized version of Marilena by Mario Klingemann and the AS3 Tweenlite class. If you never setup this kind of IDE before I highly recommend this tutorial which will help you with all the settings !

I’m not a programmer so this code is way too simple and not optimized at all, so feel free to re-use it as you want 🙂

[iframe 600 320]

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69 thoughts on “Marilena : source code of the Glasses Demo”

  1. Hello,
    Good example.
    any idea for multiple faces ?
    The glasses swaping when 2 faces within the camera.

    Thx in advance.

  2. Hi
    plz send me snap shot code for Marilena : source code of the Glasses Demo and image can be download to desktop.

  3. Hi
    can u please send me code take a snap for Marilena : source code of the Glasses Demo

  4. great job…
    can u tell me which source code that make the glasses scaling when u move the face to the front and back?
    um so confused..
    thanks in advanced.. 😀

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  6. Sorry Paul, but all I have left is here. I never used Adobe Flash for this project. only Flash Develop & Flex SDK. if you follow the instruction about how to setup FD & Flex SDK on the link I provide in this post, and don't forget to get all dependencies, it should compile fine.

    This is an old project, so I don't remember exactly everything, but I'm pretty sure that it won't compile if you just copy/paste in Flash.

    Go through the comments of this post, you will probably find some interesting information too.



  7. Hi Francois, I really love your eyeglasses demo. I'm trying to replicate it but I can't get the code to work. Is it possible to share your .fla or .swc file so that I can study it? Thanks, Paul

  8. hi again,^^

    do you know how to update the AIR1.1 to 1.5 in flash CS4?

    thanks so much

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