KLT feature detection port to AS3

A few weeks ago I found an old project which is a port of KLT features detection port to Flash AS3 Class (more information about KLT features here)It’s running really slow, and the project seams to be discontinue, but I tried to recompile it with FlashDevelop and FlexSDK based on the previous test I did with Marilena :

This is what I come up with :

using KLT on webcam
using KLT on webcam

Try the Demo Here

2 thoughts on “KLT feature detection port to AS3”

    1. Sorry I forgot to upload it ! :

      this is a really dirty one, I couldn't figure how to know when the camera was updated, so I never clear the screen of the past detected feature. Otherwise the use of it is really simple, so I guess you can make a better try than mine by yourself. Feel free to share though !

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