3 thoughts on “FaceAPI 2 FSX”

  1. I'm a programmer, but I have never worked with any type of system such as this. I will look at it anyway though. If I am able to make any progress, I will let you know. Thanks again!

  2. Hi, your software is very nice! Is there any way to smooth the input to FSX? Right now, you can't really use this because the view is always moving too much.

    1. yes, right now the matrix is not smooth at all, at least I tried, but since I'm not a programmer, I didn't do it right and it's not working. If you know something about code, the smooth functions are in the cockpitcamera.cpp. And the main function of this file is called inside the testappconsole.cpp. which contain factors for every smooth paramaters (translation, rotation) and other factors.

      Anyway, I'll have a friend of mine who's a real programmer take a look at it one of those days, and I'll re-upload the code then. but he's really busy those days. Stay tune

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