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[Red One Camera] Good Morning Megan Fox

Love the woman, Love the camera !!!Wish I had the same … camera 🙂

Ok let’s be honest here, she is hot, pretty and all that stuff, but hey! would this movie look the same without the “Red One”?!? :p  I have seen videos from the last NAB that shows the second generation of Red camera coming soon. Which hopefuly will drop off the price of the first generation. For now my D90 will do ^^

Anyway just sit and watch my friends :

Good Morning Megan Fox Video by by Greg Williams on the Red One camera
"Good Morning Megan Fox" Video by by Greg Williams on the Red One camera

From bed to bathing suit, spend a day with Transformers star Megan Fox in this film shot for Esquire by Greg Williams on the Red One camera.

The cover of the next Esquire was shoot with the Red camera as well, you can see it here with all the process and the Photographer background :

VFXWages: Public Beta

Have you ever wonder how much companies where paying for different kind of job. Usually that’s the question that comes to your mind when you are applying to a new job, and the company says “so how much are you going to cost for this job” ^^.  That’s pretty hard to find the information though beside asking friends around.

Well VFXWages was design for that. it’s kind of a Social Network about VFX Wages. Each wages are totally anonymous, but you can see wages filtered by companies and by job (visual, animation, gaming, …). To see other wages, you have to give yours so far (which will be anonymous as I said).

The tool still in beta, but looks nice, go and try it 🙂

VFXWages: Public Beta.

VFXWages is a global database of hourly monetary rates of people in the film and television visual effects, animation, motion graphics, and gaming industry. It allows you to see where you rate among the rest of the artists in your experience, occupation and location. Have you ever wondered if you’re earning too little? Pondering what a similar artist in your position is making on the other side of the world? Using our Wages system, you can graphically compare wages and salaries around the world.

[Photo] Sunny Day in Montpellier


Sunny Day, originally uploaded by Ti’bou.

I took this picture today with my HTC cellphone so I would send it to some friends that lives in the cold. I was really amazed by the quality of the camera and the color of the picture. So I did a bit of Photoshop on it and kept it on Flickr. That’s not the best picture of all time for sure, but I like it for several reason.
by the way, this picture was taken in Montpellier in March, Oh yeah !!!

Careers for Creatives | MuseCareers

I was just watching a “Background Fundamentals” Fxphd course, which was talking about salary of creative jobs in the world. And a woman called Teresa Hall from “Muse Careers” was interviewed to answer some of the commons questions we are all asking ourselves.

Anyway I thought I would share with you the link to there website which look really interesting.

Careers for Creatives | MuseCareers.

At MUSE CAREERS, we promote Creative Artists to global organisations within the creative, entertainment, media and design industries.

The Muse Careers Online Database is a visual aid to the recruitment process. Our unique service gives global clients instant access to Creative’s Showreels. Our Online Database has been specifically designed to ensure speedy turnaround of the selection process, from start to finish.